The Categories of Perfume Fragrance

The Categories of Perfume Fragrance

Perfumes are categorized by categories. Similar fragrances are grouped according th the characteristics of their smell. All fit into one of three different categories. They are; Floral, Oriental, And Citrus

Creating fragrance is a fine science which borders on being an art. Perfumers know the effect that they want to create with fragrance. In order to create an effect they blend fragrances from all categories in varying amounts to create a signature fragrance. The signature fragrance has probably already been named because the perfumer knows the effect or attitude that they want to create.

Perfumes are used in many different applications because fragrance is an integral part of our daily lives. It is so much a part that we don’t recognize it like we should. Perfume is put in our soaps and cleaning products as well as other cosmetic products and air fresheners. Perfume has been around for thousands of years however synthetic fragrances are a relatively recent creation. The two biggest advantages of synthetic fragrances is that they cost less, can be enhanced to have a greater fragrance and different fragrance effect than natural fragrances, and are easily changed or mixed to produce greater effects.

The three categories of fragrance are floral, oriental, and citrus.

Floral green perfumes are distinguished by items such as iris and galbanum.

Floral fragrances that are also fruity offer blends such as cassis, pineapple, apricot, peach, and apple hints united with flowers. These have only been available for about the past ten to fifteen years so are still viewed as relatively new.

Floral fragrances are good for spring and summertime wear because this is the time of year when nature begins to come alive and release the aroma of its many flowers into the air. They are also good for nighttime wear in the summertime. Within the florals there is also a fundamental floral category. Rose and jasmine are the two most well liked basic floral perfumes however, ylang ylang, narcissus, tuberose, iris, and carnation are also popular bases found within category.

Another group is floral-Aldehydic this group is also known as florientals. These are very powerful floral fragrances that were popular around the turn of the century, and made a huge comeback in the nineteen seventies. These are best for wear around the turn of the year and the early spring. Now there are no hard fast rules to wearing fragrances which is the beauty of the situation. Many times I will get customers who will want to know what is most popular at the time. My answer to them is to always get what works for them and go with it. The fragrance that you wear is just as much a part of your personality as the clothes that you wear.

Oriental fragrances are the heavy musky scents. I like to categorize them as fall and winter fragrances. They are heavy and their scent tends to remain for quite a while. I tend to think of the conservative personality when I think of these fragrances because they are heavy and clinging rather than light or carefree. Keep in mind that these fragrances are sometimes blended with others in order to modify their aroma. They are the sexy fragrances which seem to speak of romance.

There are a few subcategories within the Oriental fragrances as well. Oriental-ambery scents typically have a citrus and vanilla base. These bases can also be used in combination with green or herb like elements for a contemporary blend.

The Oriental-spicy is yet another category. Clove, mace, and cinnamon are the typical base elements for fragrances in this category. There are a large number of florals that fit into this category as well. Jasmine, ylang-ylang, and a variety of salicylates are popular also.

Citrus scents are another category of popular fragrances and are some of the oldest scents found in the perfume market. A large number of masculine fragrances fall in this category, however, citrus is becoming a growing trend in women’s fragrances as well. Citrus fragrances are light and carefree and are good in my opinion for summertime wear. Summer citrus scents seem to work best when they are blended with florals. There is no denying the floral notes when summer fragrances are blended this way and these are my personal favorites.

Citrus fantasy is the oldest category and uses classic citrus aromas as its base. This is a highly creative group that involves a number of unisex fragrances that are not yet on the market. This is the oldest category, and it utilizes traditional citrus scents as a base. The last category is citrus-green. The green basics of this category aid in brightening the fragrance a certain amount. Chypre is also a well-liked fragrance category. It combines woody, mossy, and flowery scents together with leather and fruit. This is the fragrance used to produce many of the men’s colognes which have a definite masculine smell

The best thing that you can do is to experiment with these fragrances for yourself. We offer free samples on our web site. You can order up to three different fragrances if you want. Once you become familiar you can begin to experiment with mixing your own oils as many of our other customers do. You may even be able to create your own signature fragrance.Fragrance Oil Express

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