Top 4 Perfumes For Health

Top 4 Perfumes For Health Fragrance is more than just smelling good. Scents are more than aesthetic. They enhance your health and well being. Here are 4 such fragrances to look out for. 1. Lavender During the plague, lavender flowers were worn to keep the germs away. One might brush that off as superstition, but in reality, lavender does have antibacterial properties. It was shown to have some antibacterial activity against e coli. When tubercolosis plagued France, those who worked in lavender fields, who inhaled the scent of lavender, were less likely to succumb to tubercolosis. Lavender fragrance, (the real … Continue reading

The Importance Of Perfume Sampling

The Importance Of Perfume Sampling A recent survey of over two thousand adults aimed at establishing some key fragrance related facts came up with some interesting findings. For example, fifty percent of women interviewed said they would never buy a perfume without trying it first. Now that’s not exactly earthshattering news is it. I mean how many of us would actually go out and buy a perfume or aftershave without knowing what it smells like? Despite this, it seems that the fragrance industry as a whole doesn’t seem to get this obvious point, or if it does, doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

Dog Cologne for Good Health of Your Pet Dog

Dog Cologne for Good Health of Your Pet Dog Dog perfumes and dog cologne is used mostly for preventing the dog from smelling foul. However, there is another more potent reason for the use of these items. Dog cologne and dog perfumes are also good for the health of the pet dog. Multiple Benefits of Using Dog Perfumes Multiple benefits are derived by the use of dog perfumes. It generates an appealing smell replacing the pungent odor that often comes out of an unclean dog. They contain ingredients moisturizing the coat of the dog and gives out a pleasant smell … Continue reading

Perfume Pollution as Harmful as Cigarette Smoke

Perfume Pollution as Harmful as Cigarette Smoke Many workplaces, health clubs, yoga studios, and other public settings are going scent-free, banning perfumes and scented products and the “perfume pollution” they leave in their wake. Currently, many people suffering from asthma, other respiratory disorders, environmental illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even healthy people suffer from perfume exposures, which linger in the air long after the wearer has left. There are potentially over 500 chemicals just in the ingredient “fragrance” in perfumes. Many of these synthetic chemicals are derived from petrochemicals and are proven neurotoxins (meaning they can cause damage to the … Continue reading

Five Features and Benefits of Using Refillable Perfume Atomisers for Travel, Nights Out

Five Features and Benefits of Using Refillable Perfume Atomisers for Travel, Nights Out Have you ever been caught in a situation, where you wish you had access to your favorite perfume or cologne but didn’t? It could be that you were trying to slip past security to get on a flight, or you simply did not have time to go home in between the gym and meeting your significant other for dinner. You wish you had packed your favorite scent, but carrying around that beautiful-yet-bulky package was simply too impractical. If this has happened to you, then you obviously have … Continue reading

A Review of Patti Labelle Perfume Oil for Women

A Review of Patti Labelle Perfume Oil for Women It’s just good business to listen to your customers sometimes and this is what we did when we decided to start carrying this scented oil fragrance. Listening to you is one of the best decisions that we have ever made. We used to move each time a customer would want us to do or carry something different, but as time went on we learned better. We learned to take note of what our customers wanted us to do for them before we made a decision to try a new product. We … Continue reading

Fragrance House Discount Codes and Tips On Perfume Shopping

Fragrance House Discount Codes and Tips On Perfume Shopping Shopping for perfumes always presents a tricky dilemma. Which one to get? Will this fragrance be right for my body? Will this work for when I go out on a date? Will my sweetheart appreciate this scent I am buying for her? Which brand will best highlight my individual personality? Questions remain unanswered, and you wonder where the science is in the art of perfume shopping. It’s not an easy task, and that is why you should keep these tips in mind before you hit the mall and make a purchase. … Continue reading

Revive Your Favorite Discontinued Perfume

Revive Your Favorite Discontinued Perfume The art of perfumery has existed for many centuries and over time, perfumes and colognes have evolved to fit changes in style and demand. From Armani to Yves Saint Laurent there are countless designers and brands of perfume that have come and gone over the years. Some classic favorites like Chanel N?5 have been in production since their release which, for Chanel N?5 adds up to almost ninety years. Many fragrances, however, are produced in limited quantities and once they are sold out, they cannot be found in any designer perfume shop or discount perfume … Continue reading

It scent of yore: The perfume yesterday and today

It scent of yore: The perfume yesterday and today There are so many things that can be said if we keep on discussing the backdrops of perfume itself, no less interesting then the product itself. This may appear startling, but there was a perfume manufacturing factory even 4000 years back at Mesopotamia. Yes it is the fact as the recent excavations tells us the same. The world is in love with perfume yesterday, today and tomorrow. But what are the ingredients of the perfume? It is really a million dollar question. There are several extracts including that of flowers, fruits, … Continue reading

Here’s Some Perfume Trivia!

Here’s Some Perfume Trivia! Amongst the most common turn on’s, both for men and women are perfumes. Perfumes somehow define you and your personality. As your clothes, your accessories and the things that you carry speak for what you are, perfumes add on fragrance to this personality definition. Thus, it becomes very important to create the right impression by wearing the right eau de perfumes. To get things right for you here is some trivia on all you always wanted to know about perfumes. First and foremost is which kind of perfume you choose. Select those that suit your choice … Continue reading